MIFIX - The New (Street) Approach to Lending

New Street owns and operates “MiFiX” - a Blockchain enabled technology ecosystem aimed at optimizing the value chain around Lending. 

We have put together an ecosystem of Delivery Partners, POS network and 3rd party ancillary product suppliers, all seamlessly connected on MiFiX, thereby extending the geographical reach of the lender. 

A re-imagined operating model facilitated by the ecosystem will reduce operating costs and increase efficiency across customer sourcing, documentation, verification, disbursements and collections. 

The business model is also aimed at significantly improving the quality of the Lender's loan decision process and its respective turnaround time throughout the value chain.

MIFIX is designed to ensure a highly secure, cost efficient and non-disruptive integration to the Lender's existing systems. It is also scalable for delivery of multiple and diverse set of loan products.

Deployment Options

MIFIX is hosted by New Street on secure and permissioned commodity hardware with restricted data storage and access. 

Watch this space. Many more platforms to come !