Blockchain Lead

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Posted 10 months ago


JOB TITLE Blockchain Lead
EXPERIENCE 5-8 years
JOB LOCATION Kochi / Bengaluru

Whom are we looking for?
As a blockchain developer, you should have excellent programming skills. Knowledge of various programming
languages such as Golang, and JavaScript (Node.js) will be fundamental. Experience with Hyperledger fabric
and databases like Postgres and MongoDB will be very helpful. Experience working in the BFSI domain will be
an added advantage. As a blockchain developer, you should also have strong analytical abilities. You will need
to evaluate a company’s needs and resources and implement appropriate solutions. You should also have
effective communication skills in order to work with engineers and other technical personnel to create
streamlined solutions.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Designing blockchain solutions using Hyperledger Fabric to address specific business requirements in
the BFSI domain.
• Development of architecture concepts for the use of distributed ledger technologies
• Good knowledge of consensus algorithms, smart contracts, transaction flow, and data privacy in a
distributed environment.
• Leading the implementation and deployment of Hyperledger Fabric-based blockchain solutions,
including configuring the network, setting up nodes and channels, deploying smart contracts (chaincode),
and integrating with external systems.
• Sound knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes applications
• Sound knowledge of Certificate Authorities (CAs), Membership Service Providers (MSPs), and how
they establish and manage identities in a Fabric network.
• Good knowledge of development tools and frameworks provided by Hyperledger, such as Hyperledger
Composer and Hyperledger Caliper.
• Leading a team of developers and engineers in the implementation of the blockchain solution.
• Understand privacy-enhancing technologies like zero-knowledge proofs, confidential transactions, and
data encryption.
• Knowledge of Design Patterns, Data structure, and algorithms

Required Technical and Professional Expertise
• Bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering (preferably Computer Science or Information Technology).
• 4+ years of working experience in developing/architecting Full stack applications, Distributed Systems
& Microservices.
• 2+ years of experience Architecting/Designing Hyperledger Fabric Networks.
• Must have experience with some combination of the following DLT-related technologies: Hyperledger
Fabric, Node.js, Go.
• Experience in Banking, Financial, and Fintech domains is an added advantage.
• Must have experience with the development of RESTful web services and smart contracts.
• Must have experience with database design and development. Experience with both SQL and
NoSQL/document database technology is preferred.
• Hands-on experience in – Golang | Angular | NodeJS
• Experience in using cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure) & Linux-based platforms like Ubuntu.
• Strong understanding of blockchain security principles, including cryptographic tools, secure coding
practices, secure network design, and privacy-enhancing techniques

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