Highlights from “Accelerating the adoption of remittance-linked financial products in Nepal”

On 4 May 2018, The UNCDF programme MM4P hosted a brainstorming session on “Accelerating the adoption of remittance-linked financial products in Nepal.” The event saw participation from commercial banks, remittance companies, insurance companies and mobile money service providers. 

The main objective of the session was:

  1. - To discuss the potentials of finance against remittances
  2. - To share examples of remittance-linked financial products that UNCDF has designed in different markets.
  3. - To identify main barriers in adoption of financial products and services.
  4. - Based on identified barriers, to access distribution of digital financial solutions in Nepal. 
  5. - To brainstorm ideas that can encourage migrant workers to send remittance through formal channels, advance access to finance for the families of migrant workers etc.

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